The Superior Accessibility Guide to Universal Orlando for Visitors with Disabilities

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Universal Orlando Resort ensures an unforgettable experience for travelers with disabilities by implementing thoughtful measures and providing helpful resources. Universal aims to eliminate any worry about navigating its parks, allowing guests to fully immerse in the magic. Prepare for your visit and look forward to engaging in enchanting activities, from casting spells in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to dodging dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, becoming Gru’s latest Minion, and exploring myriad adventures spread across Universal Orlando’s two theme parks, water park, and eight resort hotels.

This ultimate accessibility guide is designed to illustrate how Universal Studios emphasizes inclusivity by adopting policies that cater to a wide range of disabilities. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information to set your expectations, ensuring a tranquil and worry-free vacation experience. Additionally, we’ll offer further resources that delve deeper into these subjects for more comprehensive understanding.

Please remember that team members are your friends.

First and foremost: If you’re ever unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Universal employee, known affectionately as Team Members. They’re eager to help, whether you’ve forgotten a detail from this guide or encountered an unexpected situation. Friendly Team Members are stationed at the entrance of each attraction, ready to provide you with all the necessary information about what awaits you inside and any special protocols designed to assist you.

If you’re lodging at one of Universal Orlando’s resort hotels, Team Members will start a text conversation with you upon check-in. Rest assured, your phone won’t be bombarded with unnecessary messages. Should you have any inquiries while exploring, or if you need to request specific amenities for your room during your adventures, you can simply text the provided courtesy number. Team Members will be on hand to assist with your needs.

How can I get an attraction assistance pass for Universal?

Orlando theme park rides are famously known for their lengthy wait times, occasionally extending to several hours. Should you or someone in your group find it challenging to stand in line due to physical or mental disabilities, Universal Orlando provides the Attraction Assistance Pass. This pass functions similarly to a virtual queue — you choose the attraction you wish to enjoy, and are then given a specific time to return. Should you or a family member need support for a disability or specific requirement, please visit before your trip to request an IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC). To register for the IAC, submit the required documents at least 48 hours ahead of your planned visit.

The duration before your return mirrors the time you would have otherwise spent in the actual queue. For instance, if the current wait for an attraction is 20 minutes, you’ll receive a return time that’s quite prompt. On the other hand, if the wait stretches to two hours, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore other areas of the park before it’s time to revisit the attraction. Upon your return, you’ll skip the standard line and head straight to the boarding area. To learn more or to obtain an Attraction Assistance Pass, simply visit Guest Services, which you’ll find at the entrance of both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure.

How can I rent a wheelchair or scooter at Universal Orlando?

Visitors in need of mobility support at Universal Orlando have the option to rent wheelchairs or Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs, often referred to as scooters) right from Universal at the entrance of each theme park (both wheelchairs and ECVs are available) or at the primary parking structure (exclusive to wheelchairs). At Volcano Bay, wheelchairs can be acquired from the concierge booths scattered throughout the water park. Moreover, all restrooms are designed to be accessible to wheelchair and ECV users.

Attraction accessibility policies differ across the park. Universal ensures there is designated seating available for accessible viewing at live shows and parades. Certain attractions are equipped to accommodate guests who remain in their wheelchairs, whereas others might necessitate transferring from the wheelchair to the ride vehicle’s seat. For a detailed overview of specific attraction accommodations, you can refer to page 8 of Universal’s Guide for Rider Safety and Accessibility, or speak with a Team Member and/or check the safety sign located at each attraction’s entrance. All queues are accessible to wheelchairs, with the exception of the Pteranodon Flyers at Islands of Adventure.

Regarding Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs), the Hogwarts Express is the sole attraction within Universal Orlando that allows guests to remain in a scooter throughout the ride. This attraction also uniquely permits ECVs to be used in its queue line. For all other attractions, guests using ECVs must either seek help from a Team Member to secure a complimentary wheelchair for use during the ride (provided the attraction accommodates wheelchairs) or transfer directly to the seating of the ride vehicle. It is important to note that ECV rentals at Universal are restricted to guests who are 18 years of age or younger.

If you’re lodging at one of Universal’s on-site resort hotels, you have access to free transportation to and from the parks, either by bus or boat, depending on your hotel location. Both transportation options accommodate wheelchairs. For those using ECVs, you can bring your device on board, but you’ll need to transfer to the designated seating on the bus or boat.

It’s easy to overlook, but remember to plan for your entire day, not just the hours spent in the theme parks. Wheelchair and ECV rentals are available at the parks but not at the hotels. If you’re staying at an on-site hotel and need a mobility device to get around but can’t bring your own, you might want to rent from an outside provider. This will ensure you have a mobility aid for use right from your hotel, convenient for boarding bus or boat transportation to the parks. If you’re bringing your own mobility device and don’t need to rent from Universal upon arriving at the parks, you’re good to go.

Regarding the hotels, all eight offer accessible rooms by request. These rooms feature 36-inch-wide doorways, a grab bar near the toilet, and a choice between a shower with an entrance ramp or a bathtub equipped with a bar and seat.

Is there a sensory-friendly experience at Universal Orlando?

For guests on the autism spectrum or with cognitive disabilities, various attractions and areas within Universal Orlando might prove overly stimulating. Universal offers a thorough digital guide detailing potential sensory triggers, such as height fears or strobe light sensitivity, for each attraction. This aids in planning your visit. Additionally, at the entrance of every attraction, there’s a safety information sign providing further details. These resources can serve as a quick reference to understand what each ride entails, helping you determine if it’s suitable for you.

If anyone in your travel party requires a moment of tranquility, Universal Studios Florida offers a specially designed Quiet Room within the Health Services near the park’s entrance. This space is tailored for sensory sensitivity, featuring adjustable lighting and rubber flooring for comfort. The Quiet Room is available on a first-come, first-served basis, as reservations are not accepted.

For those seeking peaceful outdoor retreats, Universal suggests less crowded spots where you can relax and unwind. In Universal Studios Florida, the steps of the New York Public Library and Central Park are ideal. Over at Islands of Adventure, consider the lakeview lower landing at Port of Entry plaza or Me Ship, the Olive. At Volcano Bay, the Taniwha Pathway and Volcano Cavern Pathway offer serene escapes.

Additionally, Universal recommends guests with cognitive disabilities to bring ear plugs and a comforting item, such as a favorite toy or blanket, to enhance their comfort during the visit. It’s also advised for guests to carry some form of identification that includes contact information of a fellow traveler for added safety and convenience.

What are the dietary options while visiting Universal Studios Orlando?

Universal’s dining venues are designed to accommodate guests with dietary requirements. To assist with meal planning, the resort’s official website provides comprehensive menus for each restaurant, identifying dishes suitable for individuals with sensitivities to gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame, and soy protein. For fans of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the iconic Butterbeer beverage is safe for those allergic to gluten, soy, eggs, wheat, and nuts — simply request it without the foam to enjoy a dairy-free version. It’s like summoning the “highlight of your day”!

Should you prefer personal assistance, Team Members at the dining locations are available to discuss dietary options upon your arrival. Moreover, Universal is open to addressing specific dietary concerns via email at, ensuring guests have a worry-free dining experience.

When bringing your own food into the parks, Universal requests that it be kept in a soft cooler. It’s advisable to inform a Team Member prior to passing through the security checkpoint to ensure they are notified about your items. Please note, Universal strictly prohibits the entry of any glass items into the parks, regardless of whether they are contained within a cooler.

Does Universal Orlando support guests who deaf or with hearing loss?

The talented creators behind Universal Orlando’s attractions are masterful storytellers, skillfully weaving narratives that commence as soon as guests step into the queue. For numerous rides and shows, an array of media content enriches the waiting experience, simultaneously entertaining guests and introducing the story they are about to delve into. To ensure inclusivity, many of these attractions are equipped with queue monitors that offer closed captions, enhancing understanding and engagement for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Guests with hearing disabilities can take advantage of several free services to enjoy live performances across Universal Orlando. By contacting no later than 14 days before your visit, Universal can provide American Sign Language interpreters for the shows you plan to see. Additionally, you have the option to request a copy of the show script from a Team Member at the venue upon arrival, which you may use for the duration of the performance.

Is there support for the blind and visually impaired at Universal?

At Universal Orlando, visitors who use a white cane have convenient options for their assistance devices while enjoying attractions. Several rides offer a storage compartment within the ride vehicle for the cane, assuming it can be retracted to fit. For those attractions where white canes are not permitted on board, a Team Member will kindly take care of your cane while you ride. Your cane will be promptly returned to you when the ride vehicle arrives back at the loading and unloading station.

Universal offers an invaluable resource in its detailed Guide for Rider Safety and Accessibility, a comprehensive 59-page document addressing the resort’s accessibility protocols. Guests with vision impairments can obtain this guide in large print or Braille by requesting it at the guest services desk at the entrance of Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Moreover, for live performances across the parks, large print or Braille versions of the show scripts are available upon request from a Team Member at the show venue, ensuring guests can fully enjoy the entertainment.

Can I bring a trained service animal to Universal Orlando?

Universal welcomes guests to bring their trained Service Animals to the park. These devoted companions are permitted on numerous attractions, including gentler experiences and some milder thrilling rides such as The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. For attractions that do not accommodate Service Animals, Universal may offer a temporary kennel space for your animal while you enjoy the ride.

Park maps are designated with special icons to indicate Service Animal relief areas. In Universal Studios Florida, these areas are situated close to the Animal Actors On Location and near the empty amphitheater that once housed Fear Factor Live, located between Diagon Alley and Men In Black Alien Attack. Over at Islands of Adventure, there’s a rest spot on Marvel Super Hero Island by Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, and another behind One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish in Seuss Landing. Additionally, a third area is discreetly located behind the Mystic Fountain in The Lost Continent, near the former site of the Sinbad stunt show performance venue.

Can I get on rides with prosthetic limbs at Universal Studios?

The policies for prosthetic limbs at Universal Orlando attractions vary based on the ride type and its experience. For certain attractions, including Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida, Jurassic World VelociCoaster, and Pteranodon Flyers at Islands of Adventure, guests are required to remove all prosthetic limbs. For the majority of other attractions, prostheses can remain on if they are securely attached.

Several attractions enforce more detailed requirements. Specific guidelines on the length and kind of upper and lower limbs are in place for Revenge of the Mummy and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios Florida, in addition to Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Islands of Adventure. The regulations for each of these three attractions differ and are detailed on page 12 of Universal’s official Guide for Rider Safety and Accessibility.

Can I wear my cast on rides at Universal Studios?

Just when you’re counting down the days to your long-awaited Universal trip, an unforeseen injury occurs, and suddenly, you’re advised by your doctor to wear a cast. While such a situation can dampen spirits right before a holiday, the good news is that guests with casts can still enjoy a wide range of attractions at Universal Orlando.

Provided that the ride’s standard restraints can be securely applied over your cast, you’ll be able to participate in the fun. On most rides, this typically involves being able to fasten a combination of a seatbelt and/or a lap bar securely. For specific rides like Doctor Doom’s Fearfall or Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the requirement extends to accommodating a shoulder restraint that locks down from above.

There’s only one exception where casts are categorically not allowed, and that’s The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure. But, between us, it might be a blessing in disguise. Despite its fame, we tend to give this particularly jarring coaster a miss on most visits.

Can I get on rides with my oxygen device at Universal Studios?

Oxygen devices are permitted exclusively on Universal’s most serene attractions. However, given that the majority of Universal’s offerings — from simulators to roller coasters — incorporate elements of excitement, this significantly limits options for guests requiring an oxygen tank during the ride.

Universal permits oxygen tanks at all its live show experiences, including Animal Actors On Location, Bourne Stuntacular, and the Horror Makeup Show at Universal Studios Florida, as well as Ollivanders in both parks. The Hogwarts Express is the sole ride that allows them, facilitating travel in either direction between the parks. Oxygen tanks are also allowed on Despicable Me Minion Mayhem (a theater simulator attraction) at Universal Studios Florida, provided you use the stationary seating instead of the moving seats. Moreover, guests with oxygen tanks can participate in walkthrough experiences such as Camp Jurassic, Jurassic Park Discovery Center, If I Ran the Zoo, and Me Ship the Olive, all located at Islands of Adventure.

We trust this article serves as a useful foundation for organizing your trip to Universal Orlando Resort. Should you require further details on any of the subjects discussed.

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