Will you deliver scooters directly to the theme parks at Disney World or Universal Studios?
Sometimes we deliver to the main entrance of the theme parks depending on the availability of our drivers. This is only available for the first day of your rental period afterwards you are responsible for the transport of your scooter to and from the theme parks. We do not schedule pickups of scooters from any theme parks.
How long will your scooter batteries last?
The battery life of the scooter depends on different parameters most importantly is the weight of the user. A person who is 150 lbs will attain more battery life than a person weighing 300 lbs. Our scooters will get approximately 8 hrs battery life at the max weight capacity and approximately 14 hrs battery life if the user is half of the max weight capacity.
Can I place a scooter reservation over the phone?
Reservations may be processed over the phone.
What happens if I place a NEXT DAY order online after business hours?
If you place a NEXT DAY scooter order online after our hours of operation, your scooter will not be delivered until after 12 noon eastern standard times. The exact time depends on our drivers availability.
What exactly comes with a basic scooter rental?
All scooters come with a front basket and battery charger.
Can I pickup the scooter from your warehouse location or do you deliver to my hotel or villa?
On certain occasions we allow pickups from the warehouse. Almost all of our scooters are delivered to your local hotel, villa or resort free of charge. We do charge delivery fees to locations outside of a 10 mile radius of Disney World.
Will I be charged a deposit for the scooter rental equipment?
Do you offer any attachments like sun shade or canopy?
Yes we do offer canopy attachments as well as crutch holders, oxygen holders and walker holder attachments.
Are you a Disney approved scooter rental company?
As of October 31st there are no longer “Featured Providers” or “Disney Approved Scooter Rental Companies”. Currently there is only ONE provider who is allowed to leave the scooters at the bell desk for pickup.  Scootarama can deliver and pick up scooters from all Walt Disney World hotels and resorts as long as we deliver and pick them up from the guest.
How much do you charge for a damage waiver or insurance?
We DO NOT charge extra for a damage waiver all scratches, nicks, tears, dents and rips are covered in your rental price.
Can all of your scooters break down easily to fit into the trunk of a car or van?
This answer is tricky especially if you take what the manufacture says into consideration. The Pride Revo and Go-Chair can fit easily into the trunk of a mid-size car or larger. The heavy duty “Pride Maxima” on the other hand is not easy to disassemble.

Scootarama DOES NOT recommend renting the heavy duty scooter if you plan on transporting it to and from the theme parks. Unless of course you have two or three really fit individuals who could lift the scooter fully assembled into the rear of a mini van or SUV with the third row seats totally removed or folded down.

How will I know my reservation is complete?
You will receive an order number to the email provided after your credit card is processed.
When will my credit card be charged?
We’ll attempt to securely charge your credit card at the point of purchase online. If there’s a problem, you’ll be notified on the spot and prompted to use another card. Once we receive verification of sufficient funds, your payment will be completed and transferred securely to us.
How can I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation via email at least 24hrs before your schedule delivery time. Otherwise all sales are final. Please include your order number.


What is your refund policy?
Refund Policy
What happens if my scooter rental breaks down in the parks?
You must call Scootarama immediately we will troubleshoot the problem over the phone to determine the problem. If it’s a mechanical error and the scooter is non operable we will replace or repair the scooter where the unit stopped working.
Where do I pickup my scooter from when I arrive at my hotel?
Your scooter will be held at the front desk or the luggage room. Unless of course you’re staying at a Disney controlled resort.
Can all of your scooters break down easily to fit into the trunk of a car or van?
Yes all scooters can disassemble except for the Pride Maxima. The Pride Revo 2.0 will not fit inside the trunk of a compact car you will need a full size sedan or suv.</dd>

<p>Scootarama DOES NOT recommend renting the Pride Maxima scooter if you plan on transporting it to and from the theme parks. Unless of course your vehicle is wheelchair accessible.</p>

What time do you deliver and pickup the scooter rentals?
You choose your pickup and delivery times when you can reserve your scooter.
How often should I charge my batteries?
You should charge your batteries EVERY night regardless of use (red and yellow lights indicates charging; green light indicates the battery is fully charged). Even if your battery gauge indicates its full “Charge it anyway the charger has a automatic shut off you cannot overcharge the batteries”.
Do you offer 1 day rentals?
Unfortunately we currently have a three day minimum.
Do you have a minimum daily rental period?
Yes.. We currently have a consecutive three day minimum.