Scooter Rentals Universal Orlando

How much does it cost to rent a scooter at Universal Orlando?

The cost of renting an ECV (electronic convenience vehicle) at Universal Orlando is subject to change. As of now, the scooter rental price at Universal Orlando for an ECV is $75 per day without a canopy and $85 per day with a canopy. Additionally, there is a $50 initial deposit required at the time of rental, which is refundable upon return of the scooter. Unfortunately you cannot reserve a scooter in advance at Universal Orlando theme park. Scooter rentals at the theme park are on a first come first serve basis. It’s important to check the current pricing and rental policies directly with Universal Orlando or the designated rental service to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

However the cost of renting a standard ECV from an outside vendor such as Scootarama is only $30 per day without a canopy and $35 per day including a canopy, less than 50% the cost of Universal. There is no deposit and you can reserve an ECV in advance.

What is the difference between an ECV and a Mobility Scooter?

Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs), commonly referred to as scooters or power-operated vehicles (POVs), are motorized mobility aids designed for individuals with mobility impairments. Typically featuring a three-wheeled design, they enable users to navigate spaces independently, with some models equipped with four wheels for additional stability. ECVs are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them an environmentally-conscious option for personal transportation while visiting Disney World or Universal Orlando.

Short answer is there’s no difference, they are one in the same.

Where are ECV’s located at Universal Studios Orlando?

Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) are located just inside the theme park on the left hand side as soon as you enter the turnstile. Due to limited availability you may not make advance reservations, ECV rentals are first come, first served, also the person operating the scooter must be at least 18 years old. However you can make advance reservations with Scootarama and have your scooter delivered to your hotel or resort in advance at no additional cost.

Can you bring your own ECV to Universal Studios?

Yes you can bring you own mobility scooter to Universal Studios. However if you decide to use Universal Studios transportation your ECV must comfortably accommodate on lifts, ramps, and within specific wheelchair areas without the need for force. After a guest has successfully positioned their wheelchair or mobility device in the allotted area, it is the responsibility of the shuttle driver to ensure that the device is safely secured using the provided onboard restraints.

Two wheeled scooters are forbidden inside the theme park, so are “double scooters” ECV’s that accommodate more than one passenger. There can be only one passenger on a scooter at a time.

Can I take my ECV on rides at Universal Studios Orlando?

Visitors using ECV’s or other mobility aids are required to switch to the regular seats provided. Visitors will have to transfer from their mobility device into the ride vehicle with the assistance of one cast member. Unfortunately none of the rides nor attractions queues are designed to hold or fit Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs), with the sole exception being the Hogwarts Express.

Does Universal Studios Orlando have a disability access pass?

Universal Orlando offers an Attractions Assistance Pass for Guests with disabilities that make it difficult for them to wait in standard attraction queues. Guests who need alternative queueing accommodations must secure the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC) by registering at no more than 30 days before their park visit. The IAC application process involves completing an online form and submitting the required documents.

After fulfilling all the criteria for the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card, a Universal Orlando Team Member will reach out to the card applicant to address their accommodation needs for attraction queues.

Please note that the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card can only be issued by IBCCES and not directly by Universal Orlando.

Do you need proof of disability in order to rent a scooter at Universal Orlando?

Universal Studios Orlando complies with the ADA and all HIPAA laws, meaning you need not provide proof of a disability nor divulge any information about a past or current diagnosis to rent an ECV.

Can I charge my scooter while inside Universal Theme Parks?

We typically suggest that guests recharge their mobility scooters at any eatery offering seating, as power outlets can usually be found along the walls every 10 feet.

How do I get my scooter from my hotel to Universal Studios?

If you’re staying at a Universal Orlando Resort you would be happy to know that all of the shuttles and water taxis on property are accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters. For guest residing in a hotel or resort off property you will have to use alternative forms of transportation.

Most guest staying off property use a wheelchair taxi as transportation to and from Universal Orlando. You can also transport the scooter inside of the trunk of a mid size car, large sedan or SUV.

Will the batteries in my electric scooter last all day in Universal?

This usually depends on the weight of the passenger and the size of the batteries being used in the scooter. For example a guest weighing 300lbs would get less battery life using an electric scooter opposed to a guest weighing 150lbs. Also a standard scooter usually use smaller batteries than that of a mid size scooter.

What happens if my battery dies while inside the theme park?

If you’re renting a scooter from the theme park you need to alert the nearest cast member to the problem you’re having with the scooter. The cast member will contact the ECV rental department to have your scooter replaced. If you’re renting from Scootarama look on your front basket and call that number to reach a representative to have your scooter troubleshooted. If it’s after 8pm please leave a message so that the employee who’s on call can return your phone call.

mobility scooter rental

Pride Go Go Sport

Rich in features and ready to travel, the Go-Go® Sport 3-Wheel offers a simple delta tiller for easy, comfortable driving at speeds up to 4.7 mph. If you’re looking for a lightweight scooter this is the one. With a max weight capacity of 300 pounds you could rent the Pride Go Go Sport today.

Theme Park Approved
Can Be Disassembled

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Pride Revo 2.0

Experience the Revo 2.0, a new class of mobility scooter that combines an array of features into one great package. Tough and built to last, the Revo 2.0 offers rugged dependability you expect from luxury mid-size scooters. The perfect ECV rental for Walt Disney World as it can load unto the monorail, ferry, boats and shuttles.

Theme Park Approved
Does Not Disassemble

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Pride Maxima

The Pride Mobility Maxima 3 wheel motorized wheelchair brings outstanding performance and elegant styling together with rugged construction for an increased weight capacity of 450 pounds. Although it does not disassemble, choose this bariatric mobility scooter for theme parks and attractions.

Theme Park Approved
Does Not Disassemble