Wishful Thinking While Disney Dreaming

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We all know that it’s nice to dream at times like this when coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the economy. Let’s imagine that money isn’t an issue in order to enact your dreams. That alone would be a nice enough Disney dream but imagine what you could do on a limitless budget?

Everyone has their own ideas of their favorite Disney resort but if money was no object it would be exquisite. You’d probably want to go to concierge and  the availability of the concierge lounge. Then there’s the extravagant suites with plush appointments throughout. I’ve personally never experienced a suite at a Disney resort but I have been lucky enough to tour a Disney suite on board the Disney Magic. I’ve seen some of the wonderful touches salivating on end at online photos of Disney World resort suites. I can tell you that they all look truly astonishing as you’d expect. The amount of square footage given over to the suites is quite unbelievable.

I don’t doubt people would go for the Grand Floridian to ensure they have a view of Magic Kingdom. As a one-off treat I can’t help but agree, although it’s not the resort I hold most dear. That title will always belong to my beloved Beach Club and I’m sure there are others who would argue that for an ultimate trip of luxury. Other notable mentions are Bay Lake Towers, Grand Floridian, Kidani Village or Disney’s Riviera Resort.

That’s just finding a place to stay while you’re at Walt Disney World. If there’s one thing that Disney is very good at, it’s finding ways for you to part with your money. There’s upscale dining and for an amazing once in a lifetime experience that we’ve been lucky enough to sample twice. You can’t deny Victoria and Albert’s is at the top of the list. The ultimate dream is the Chef’s Table where you interact with the chefs although I have yet to experience it.

While Disney dreaming do you want privacy, fine dining and luxury while enjoying the peacefulness of Disney World?  Citrico’s has its own private dining room called “The Chef’s Domain” as well as Jiko’s “Wine Room”. Other superb choices for dining on Disney property that likely to come with a hefty price tag are the signature restaurants the Flying Fish Cafe, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Narcoossee’s, and Artist Point.

For a superb end to your night, how about a specialty cruise out to see either Wishes at the Magic Kingdom or Illuminations at Epcot? You’ll get a VIP view of the fireworks, it won’t come cheap. Although it is worth every penny and will be a magical end to a magical day. You can even take some of the boats with their drivers out during the day. If you want to feel really special, then the Grand 1, a 45-foot yacht sailing from the Grand Floridian is the way to go. Your money will buy you time on the yacht along with private dining, butler service and a captain to look after your every need while out on the Seven Seas Lagoon.

One of the biggest treats at any Disney park for kids of all ages has to be seeing the characters. If you want spend one-to-one time with your favorite character you could do that for the right price. The minimum amount of time you can spend with them is half an hour. It’s something I did look into but no matter how much I dream I don’t have the money to fulfill those dreams. Let’s be honest there’s only so much you can say to a character who can’t answer you back. I certainly can’t think of enough things to last for 30 minutes!

The truth is like most things in life if you have the wealth you can have pretty much whatever you want. The beauty about Disney is that you can go on the tightest budget possible and still have a wonderful time. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, a dream can be found around every corner in Walt Disney World.

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