The Best Alcoholic Drinks at Each of the EPCOT Pavilions

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It’s somewhat of a challenge for alcoholic drinkers to partake in a beverage from every country on their trip around the World Showcase in EPCOT. Though I definitely do not recommend doing it (especially not alone!), the idea is still a good one – enjoy the beverage offerings from cultures you don’t get to experience all that often. Again, keep in mind that the showcase loop is 1.5 miles long – be sure not to go overboard and be sure to drink water and eat food during your journey! You can pair drinks with some of the amazing food offerings too. I recommend splitting a alcoholic drink in every country so that you get to experience the full range of options and culture without getting too drunk! Many wine or beer flights are available, which are a great way to try a bigger variety!

For this list, we’ll go around the world to provide some highlights of options for your drinking experience. I try to offer an “authentic” recommendation for each country in addition to other great options – but get whatever sounds good to you when you visit! If you love beer, grabbing the “authentic” choice of sake isn’t going to make you happy. Drink offerings can vary depending on the time of year you visit (due to the festivals), so be sure to take those seasonal offerings into account when making your decision! Just as you enter the park, be sure to grab a festival passport which will have lists of food and drink choices for each of the booths around the World Showcase. Without farther ado, let’s jump into the best drink offerings around the world!


If you start your showcase journey to the right (as I would recommend) you’ll begin in Canada. There aren’t too many options unless you dine at Le Cellier, in which case tons of great wine options are available. The easiest place for alcoholic drinks is the cart which has multiple beer options: The best drink of choice is the Moosehead Draft, a fairly light beer that can offer a great start to your adventure.

United Kingdom

In the U.K., there’s only one real option – the pub! You can enter straight into the bar at Rose and Crown Pub and order anything to your liking. Since it’s a full-service bar, they can usually make anything you’d want. There is also an extensive menu of great choices. Hands down the best most authentic U.K. alcoholic drink I’d go with is a Guinness Stout. If dark beer isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of great cocktails to choose from. Try the Leaping Leprechaun (Whiskey Cocktail), Welsh Dragon (Fruity Cocktail), or Strongbow (Cider).


When you think France, the first thing you should think of is wine. There are many excellent wine options in the restaurants, but there are also lots of great picks to grab from a cart outside on your way around the world. These options from the cart are some of the most popular and tasty alcoholic drinks in the park! The best drink choices are the Orange Grand Marnier (Slushie) or the Ice Cream Martini. You’re also welcome to venture into the pavilion and grab a snack and wine at the bakery located deep inside the pavilion at the exit of the video show (either Beauty and the Beast or Impressions De France, depending on the time of day).


Morocco is a real under-the-radar country when it comes to interesting alcoholic drink choices. The country boasts a lounge, walk-up window, and quick service restaurant all with good options. My personal favorite and best drink is at the walk-up window on the Japan side of the pavilion, which has the Frozen Mint Tea (also available in non-alcoholic version). It’s very refreshing on a hot day and has a completely unique flavor compared to what you’d expect from a drink. If you visit the Spice Road Table lounge, try the Sahara Spritz, Pomegranate Mimosa, or Tangiers Breeze. Finally, if you’re in need of a pick-me-up, The Tangerine Café has Slushes and Coffees with liqueurs.


Japan has tons of excellent options here in multiple locations. Japan has its own unique sake, whiskey, and beer, but also is known for having some of the best alcoholic drink cocktails. For the most authentic experience, I’d check out the Sake bar at the back left of the pavilion in the store or try the Violet Sake at the cart in center of pavilion. For easier access, you can grab a Blackberry Frozen Sake Mist (Blackberry is the best drink) at the Kabuki window. There is also an extremely popular cocktail in Japan – the Tokyo Sunset cocktail (located at all restaurants).

Be sure to take time in the Japan pavilion to explore the shop and beautiful garden areas around the pavilion! Behind the koi pond is a bonsai garden and has seating for the Katsura Grill.


America has a variety of beers, wines, and cocktails are available, though they may seem more “familiar” and less exotic than some other pavilions. It has a full bar near Regal Eagle and other window-service options. My top 3 best alcoholic drink picks are the Frozen Bourbon Slush, Frozen Mint Julep, or Moonshine Sour.

While you’re in America, it might be a good idea to take a bit of a break and get inside out of the Florida heat to see the American Adventure show. It’s fairly long (about 30 minutes), so it can offer a nice respite.


Wine, wine, and more wine! I HIGHLY recommend the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar as a nice place to cool off and take a minute to enjoy the drinks. Though there are some other options, aside from wine, IT’S ITALY! Be sure to indulge in a wine flight, some of the best alcoholic drinks at the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. If you don’t want a more relaxing experience or need to rush somewhere else, you can grab an Italian Margarita (at the booth) or a Peach Bellini (at the Gelato stand).

Keep in mind that you’ve now made it past the halfway point of your journey. Now is a great time to reflect on how far you can go and if you need to slow down or share more of those drinks with your party!


It’s Germany, it’s gotta be beer! Though there are plenty of choices and a beer flight is always a great choice, there is one drink, the absolute best alcoholic drink that always tops lists – the Schöfferhofer. It’s a Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen (Grapefruit Beer with alcohol content to give yourself a break). The Warsteiner is also a good drink.

Germany has benches and an eating area along the lagoon, though the pavilion is smaller than most. Be sure to take a minute to enjoy the scenery while you enjoy your drink!



China contains a variety of options to satisfy any taste. The best alcoholic drink choices are all at the Joy of Tea stand along the lagoon. Try the Tipsy Ducks in Love (Bourbon/Tea/Coffee), Plum Wine, Tsing Tao beer, or a Frozen cocktail (Canto Loopy is best) if you haven’t gone overboard with all the other slush options from the other countries.



Options are limited here ever since Frozen took over the pavilion, so there are only two authentic ways to go (both are in Akershus Royal Banquet Hall): Linie Aquavit Glacier Shots or Einstock White Ale (though Icelandic) are their best alcoholic drink options. Frozen Viking Coffee is also available, but it doesn’t feel all that special. Any bakery item that catches your eye might also be a good idea to try!


Last but not least along your World Showcase Journey is Mexico! Everyone loves the Margaritas, but there’s also an exceptional Tequila bar inside the pyramid with some top-shelf alcohol choices. Don’t be afraid to top off your adventure around the world in style with some fancy tequila and nachos. La Cava de Tequila has the best tequila and mixed drinks – El diablo margarita, avocado margarita, and any top shelf tequila are sure winners. If you’re looking for a quick fix, the Frozen Margarita bar outside is also a good option, though it can have really long lines.


Overall, EPCOT is (for worse or for better) a park focused solely on food, drinks, and the festivals that promote them. Come into the park knowing that the dining here is far superior to the other parks, and your appetite (and budget!) should reflect that. It’s always a good idea to share as many things as you can with your family/friends to get the most from your money. If you choose to embark on the drinking around the world challenge, take your time, drink water, and best of luck!

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