Scootarama; Orlando Florida Electric Scooter Rentals (ECV) for Disney World

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Scootarama announces that it is taking scooter touring—the latest travel craze to hit Orlando, Florida—to a whole new level of professionalism, convenience and fun by providing full-service scooter rental services to all vacationers, whether they require a personal transporter for walking assistance or just a sporty alternative to make their Orlando experiences even more enjoyable and relaxing. As Orlando premiere scooter Rental Company, Scootarama makes the scooter rental choice for all travelers simple by offering the most maneuverable Disney World ecv rentals on the market today. Travelers can now “scoot” through the area theme parkds stress free.

Once the domain of the mobility-impaired, vacationers no longer see these three-wheeled personal transporters as just a necessity for those needing walking assistance. Instead, individuals and groups interested in more quickly and enjoyably navigating destinations choose scooter touring to see more of Central Florida by minimizing the time wasted traveling between attractions or convention hall exhibits. Plus, Scooter Vacations’ sporty new scooter fleet offers adults of all ages and walking abilities an opportunity to spare the “wear and tear” on feet, legs and joints incurred by a day traversing theme parks, trade shows, cultural events or cruise ship decks so that they may more fully enjoy the nightlife offered by Orlando’s numerous attractions and resorts.

In addition, families looking to make their Disney vacation more effortless increasingly seek out Disney World scooter rentals to help elevate the stress of planning the quickest walking routes through theme parks, carrying souvenirs and keeping up with all party members. Scootarama makes this easier by renting pride mobility products designed for speedy and easy transport—a preferable option for anyone facing the daunting challenge of an Orlando vacation or family reunion. Thanks to Scootarama, guest can now tour Disney World, Universal Studios and other popular destinations by scooter; there’s no more missing scheduled shows, shuttle transportation or popular rides due to the walking time required to get from place to place.

Scootarama’s scooter rentals in Disney World , Universal Studios and SeaWorld theme parks; popular shopping destinations, including Orlando’s numerous malls; hotels, resorts and restaurants; local parks, museums and cultural venues; and cruise ships departing Port Canaveral. The company offers competitive prices and free, professional delivery to hotels, resorts, airline and cruise terminals, and even inside Disney, Universal and SeaWorld parks. Scootarama encourages interested vacationers to contact their travel agent or resort concierge and ask for Scootarama by name. Or, visitors can rent directly through the company via our website at Scooter Rental Orlando.


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