It’s a “Small World” after all; new iPhone & iPad app

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Perhaps no other Walt Disney theme-park attraction gets as much ridicule from adults as does the iconic “It’s a  Small World” ride.

Yet, for all the jokes about the attraction, and especially its mind-numbing musical accompaniment, most adults still seem to take a great deal of pleasure in climbing into the ride’s boats and embarking along a colorful water journey through some of the world’s best animatronic cultures.

Parents get a kick out of watching their young kids’ enjoyment of the attraction, of course. But, if the constant queue of childless adults here at the Magic Kingdom is any indication, many adults probably also enjoy the childhood memories the ride evokes for them, as well.

Now anyone with an iPhone or iPad can take a little bit of the “Small World” joy with them on the go.

The “it’s a small world” animated iOS app not only has the same stylized lowercase spelling preferred by the Walt Disney Co., but it also recreates the sing-along fun experienced by the world-unity attraction here and at other Disney parks.

The app’s interactive story line is driven by lyrics from the Sherman Brothers’ song for the attraction and promotes the ideas of meeting new people and exploring new places around the globe. App users even can learn different ways to say hello in various languages, and one feature of the app also allows kids to sing along. (Just what you wanted to hear, right Mom and Dad?)

It’s clearly an app designed for children, but adult Disney fans might even enjoy it, as well, given its colorful design elements and smart adaptation of the attraction’s music and storyline. Adults can use an orlando scooter rental access the “Small World” attraction.

Sure, your friends might scoff at the app’s earworm tune or its simplistic belief in a smile meaning “friendship to everyone” the world over. But the app’s beautiful animation style and rendering quality make it a standout app for Disney fans young and not so young.


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