Hollywood Studios Quick Service Restaurants Ranked from Best to Worst

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When meticulously planning out the details of your Walt Disney World Resort visit, you will surely be considering where you would like to take your meal breaks. To help you out, here is a list of all the full-time counter service restaurants in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park. Overall, Hollywood Studios does not offer tons of great options, making it even more important to know where the best spots are. For this ranked list, I have taken into account the overall food quality, variety, and restaurant atmosphere to provide a list of definitive rankings for the park.

Before starting out with the rankings, I want to qualify what I mean by “quick service” restaurants. These options, also known as “counter service” restaurants, are any full-time location that have a counter. This means that moveable carts and simple window-service ice cream and snack options (that only offer 1 or 2 items) don’t count! Keep in mind, though, that those single item cards or stands might really hit the spot with some ice cream or Blue Milk in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. If you have specific allergies, be sure to consult the Disney website for full allergy menu options. Without further ado, here are all of Hollywood Studios’ quick service restaurants, ranked best to worst.

  1. Docking Bay 7 (Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)

Overall, the top fast restaurant pick in the park is Docking Bay 7 in Galaxy’s Edge. This quick service restaurant is one of the few in the park that has something different than the basic “theme park food” options. Though the menu item names have been adjusted from their original Star Wars sounding names, the food still has a lot of character. Here you can indulge in meats including smoked pork ribs, crispy stir fry, braised beef, and chipotle chicken. There is also a great salad option and tasty hummus and plant-based meatball dish. All of the dishes feature slightly exotic sauces that pair well with the flavors.

Collectively, the food is filling and tasty. Though the atmosphere of the restaurant isn’t all that great, the food quality here carries the restaurant to the top of the list. To save time and avoid spending time waiting in line, you can mobile order your meal.


  1. Backlot Express (Echo Lake)

Located in the corner of the Echo Lake area between the Indiana Jones Stunt show and Star Tours, Backlot Express is a highly themed hidden gem. As the name suggests, it is filled with old movie artifacts, including many authentic and interesting pieces. It makes me feel at home since it is one of only a few areas left in the park that fulfills the original vision of Hollywood Studios.

Due to it being a bit out of the way, it often has plenty of seating available inside, meaning it is a great place to relax away from the crowds. Honestly, it is quite possibly the only air-conditioned quick service restaurant in the park where you have an opportunity to get some space.

The food itself is pretty good, though not incredible. The menu currently features many of the basic options like burgers and chicken strips, but also has a few more unique options. The Cuban sandwich, Teriyaki chicken or tofu bowl, and Southwest Salad offer a solid variety of flavor options that add to the burger and fry basics.

  1. ABC Commissary (Echo Lake)

At our third entry on the list, we have already moved to restaurants that leave quite a bit to be desired. The Commissary is a solid option due to its central park location, variety of food, and indoor air-conditioned seating. The restaurant is modeled after a real ABC studios cafeteria, but feels uninspired like something you could find at a local mall.

Food options include shrimp and pork carnitas tacos, a buffalo chicken or chicken blub sandwich, and Mediterranean salad. There are also lots of kids menu options if you have picky kids. Collectively, there’s nothing all that special from the ABC Commissary, but it’s a quick service restaurant that you can’t really go wrong with either.

  1. Ronto Roasters (Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)

As our second Star Wars restaurant in the top half of the list, Ronto Roasters has a limited but tasty menu. It’s also a good option for breakfast, since you’ll likely be heading straight to Galaxy’s Edge in the morning. There’s a breakfast wrap with eggs, cheese, sausage, and peppercorn sauce, and an oats & yogurt dish with dragon fruit. For lunch and dinner, the only real option is the Ronto Wrap, which features roasted pork, sausage, slaw, and a peppercorn sauce. Though there are a couple of plant-based wrap options, I’ve heard mixed reviews on their tastiness. If any of these options sound good, Ronto Roasters is a great quick service restaurant to grab a quick bite. If you’re looking for more variety or somewhere where you’ll have plenty of space to sit down and enjoy the food, you might need to look elsewhere in the park.

  1. Woody’s Lunch Box (Toy Story Land)

Despite hitting gold with a couple of great options, Woody’s Lunch Box has a limited menu that doesn’t offer great selection or taste. If you visit for breakfast, you’ll need to get the breakfast bowl of tater tots, eggs, and southern gravy. Later in the day, the winning choice is the “Totchos,” the same tater tots coasted with chili, cheese, and queso.

Other options at the restaurant include multiple sandwiches, which are overall underwhelming. This quick service restaurant also takes a big hit for being so small – there is no indoor seating, long lines, and little space to enjoy your food. Overall, despite a couple of good options, it just doesn’t translate to a good experience.

  1. Fairfax Fare (Sunset Boulevard)

I have mixed feelings about Fairfax Fare. Honestly, the menu changes so often, it’s hard to keep up with it since I visit Studios less than I used to (park reservations and the Fantasmic changes turned me off). Currently, the food is generally good, though there aren’t many options. You can take your pick between a barbecue beef brosket bowl, buffalo chicken bowl, or Korean pork barbecue bowl – each served with mashed potatoes. There are also a couple of plant-based soba options that look pretty good. Unfortunately, Fairfax Fare is all outdoor seating, which is a huge detriment to a dining experience, especially during a hot day.

  1. Rosie’s All-American Café (Sunset Boulevard)

Rosie’s may be lower on the list than it should be, but it (like many other Hollywood Studios quick service restaurants) only features outdoor seating. The food itself is mostly plain theme park food with a couple more interesting options. They serve burgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets, in addition to a plant-based lobster roll. Disney often has rotating special dessert options here, some of which are very tasty. Guests should keep in mind that Rosie’s All-American Café and Fairfax Fare are right next to each other, so having some in your family grab food from Fairfax and others getting food from Rosie’s is a great idea if you’re hungry while on Sunset Boulevard.

  1. PizzeRizzo (Muppets Courtyard)

Oh how I wish Disney could offer decent pizza. I honestly don’t understand why it’s so difficult to make good pizza! All you need is a few ingredients, make common choices with speed, and serve it up by the slice. Alas, PizzeRizzo serves up small frozen DiGiornio pizzas that taste like cardboard (coming from someone who loves any kind of pizza). However, the atmosphere is great. The restaurant has a cool Muppet feel, is usually quiet, and has plenty of indoor seating. In fact, it’s a great spot to go if you just need some time away from the crowds. It feels forgotten by both guests and Disney itself.

  1. Dockside Diner (Echo Lake)

Coming in at the very bottom of the list, the Dockside Diner serves multiple types of hot dogs that just… aren’t that good. Though I’m not a fan of hot dogs in general, there isn’t much appeal at this restaurant unless you just really want a hot dog. There is no indoor seating, so you’ll be huddled under an umbrella trying to stay in the shade and avoid the blistering Florida heat. There will also be people walking by left and right, hurrying to their next destination and interrupting your meal.

  1. Catalina Eddie’s (Sunset Boulevard)

Catalina Eddie’s is the same sort of bad pizza as PizzeRizzo’s, but with salad sides and an outdoor dining area! I find no redeeming qualities in the current menu at the restaurant, and it should frankly be avoided by everyone. There are other better options within 100 feet at Rosie’s and the Hollywood Scoops ice cream shop (ice cream for a meal is acceptable in Disney).

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