Electric Scooters Will Soon Be Coming To Orlando

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Orlando “The City Beautiful” will be replacing the bright green bikes that are littered around with sleek looking electric scooter.

Earlier, the Mayor called electric motor-scooters “dangerous,” but eventually the city will begin a pilot program for electric scooters as early as January 2020.

Dyer said because bicycles have been found near the UCF by city employees, is part of why he is allowing electric scooters.

Approximately five companies were chosen, including Hopr and Lime. Soon they will clarify if electric scooter rentals companies will be zooming through the streets of Orlando, Florida.

According to representative of Orlando they said scooters might be “scooting” by January, especially after Mayor Dyer told Greg Warmoth of Channel 9.

Cierra Putman question the mayor to why did he’s done a complete 180.

“For some who might think this is a flip-flop, what would you say?” ‘No, we are adaptable. It would be irrational to say,’Oh, no scooters, I said no scooters’ Therefore, we’re going to test them out,” Dyer said.

Electric mobility scooter rentals are not under scrutiny. Its the electric scooters where people have perished, including a gentleman in Tampa earlier this year.

“We’re aware of that and there is a heavy security elements to the ordinance,” said Officer Flynn

Companies will have to provide multiple safety training lessons. The scooters maximum speed limit is 10 mph.

The City Beautiful has communicated with five sellers. They’ll be permitted to bring a maximum of 200 scooters into city.

Commissioners may vote on an ordinance in the near future.


Whether you wish to lower your carbon footprint seeking the freedom of outdoors, or feel like appreciating your liberties riding to and from work, electric scooters are a handy choice. An electric scooter rental can allow you to zip around town and they are environmentally friendly and give a ride that is smooth.

Typically, the speed for every apparatus increases with configurations that are more advanced, at the expense of battery lifetime. Let’s not make a big deal with this, however be sure not to exceed the weight capacity on only electric scooters. As speed or anticipated, though with a bit less range, they still performed for the most part. No devices were damaged in this roundup.

If you intend on getting into scooters, be safe. Leave sufficient space between yourself and automobiles and passengers on scooters and plain old bicycles. Remember you are in a position to go a whole lot faster please ride and proceed with care.

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