Construction reroutes daily parade in Magic Kingdom

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The Fantasyland expansion is in full swing — the forlorn Dumbo sign could still be seen in the ride’s former location behind a construction fence.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is also closed for a long rehab; you can see it encased in scaffolding. And buildings in Frontierland and on Main Street are being worked on. The ground appears to be being resurfaced in Frontierland in big patches, too.

The Frontierland work means the parade can’t get through — so a modified version of the daily “Celebrate a Dream True Parade is running up Main Street USA, circling in front of the castle and heading back down Main Street.

Perhaps most obvious: The workers dangling in a bucket attached to a giant crane working on Cinderella Castle.

Maybe to distract from all the construction zones, there were characters everywhere, both announced in the Times Guide and surprises. On Saturday, Peter Pan bounded into view between the Crystal Palace and the bridge toward Adventureland and Liberty Square, giving his famous cry.

And the characters in the parade were even more animated than usual — especially a grinning Prince Naveen, whose groovin’ dance style fits the “Celebrate” song and the energetic quartet of Peter, Wendy, Alice and Mad Hatter.

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