Opening Disney World’s Pandora Box

The wait is almost over. Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom opens to the general public Saturday. Walt Disney World’s newest land was inspired by the characters, mind-set and lush planet of the 2009 film “Avatar,” directed by James Cameron. Our guide to Pandora should help visitors navigate the largest expansion in the theme park’s history.

Theme is everything to Disney’s Pandora. The story line of the land is that visitors are traveling from Earth to the far-off planet of Pandora, home of the Na’vi people. (the elongated, blue-skinned beings you’ve seen.) The setting is years after the conflict in the film, so you’re not entering a war zone. Enough time has passed that the Na’vi are ready to show Earthlings a part of their world, the Valley of Mo’ora.

It’s an extraordinarily green space, loaded with Pandoran vegetation. Green moss and other colorful growths are taking over, obscuring structures left by the land-raping villains in the film. But what you’ll likely notice first are the floating mountains, sort of inverted pyramid-shaped mounds looming above the land. (They provide some shade too.)

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