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We specialize in Scooter Rentals in Orlando, Florida for use in Disney World, Universal and Seaworld. There are approximately 44 miles of theme parks in Orlando Florida. I have included map links to a few of the major theme parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld. Most people underestimate the size, inclines and declines of our theme parks don’t let yourself become a statistic.

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Disney World Scooter Rentals Review

Not all scooter companies are equal! When you see the words "Guaranteed Lowest Price" we suggest you look a little deeper. The equipment we rent is mechanical and its possible that you may experience problems. When we rent a scooter a portion of the fee is for staff, upkeep and maintenance. If we rented the scooter for a price without this in mind the equipment you get would more than likely be sub par and the likely hood you will experience problems is far greater. Unfortunately most of these gimmicky companies have no resources to put back into their fleet. Scootarama doesn't claim to be the only reputable scooter company in Orlando, our advice to you is to use a company that doesn't scream "WE BEAT ALL PRICES" like a radio advertisement for a used car lot!

Transporting Scooter Rentals In Disney

Transportation to and from most Orlando area theme parks via our motorized scooter rental is absolutely no problem at all. If your hotel is inside Disney World or Universal Studios you can expect all shuttles, ferries, boats and monorails to be wheelchair accessible. This means your electric scooter is accessible as well. Scootarama uses Pride Mobility products which are guaranteed to meet Disney's requirements and guidelines. Beware not all scooter companies meet those requirements!

Scootarama Scooter Rentals

The Pride Revo can fit into the trunk of most vehicles with little dissemblance. Each scooter comes with a basket and free delivery to hotels and resorts within a 10 mile radius of Disney World. One major feature is that you have the option to charge the batteries separately from the scooter itself. You can leave the scooter in the car carry both batteries to your room and charge them simultaneously without the claustrophobic feeling of the scooter in your hotel room. We use a special type of battery called "Gel Cell" which is unique in the fact that it extends battery life by 40% over lead acid batteries.

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Raining On Your Parade?

Don't let rain prevent you from experiencing Walt Disney World. Florida is a tropical climate so it rains just about everyday, even in the fall. Scootarama scooters are rain resistant. Custom console caps prevents water from intruding into the scooters electrical system. We are the only company that encourages you to utilize your scooter in the rain,
so that you won't miss a beat on your vacation. Logo